Overview Of MyValocity QV Rating Reports That You May Need

Do you know anyone that is trying to sell a home right now? If they are, and they are having problems doing so, it could be for a wide variety of reasons. What usually makes it difficult is they have chosen the wrong price point. Essentially, they are asking for too much money. Although this may seem like an obvious statement, what they are actually missing is a report that can show them the exact price that they should be selling their home. They may not get as much of a profit, but it can literally mean the difference between not making a sale and selling a house in a very short period of time. A company by the name of MyValocity provides what are called QV rating reports.

What Is A QV Rating?

If you have never heard of a QV rating before, it is representative of a quotable value. It is based upon the collection of data of all real estate that is sold in New Zealand, and by looking at a very specific type of home, and those that are similar to it which have recently sold, you can find the right price to make it sell. Reports like this actually go through information that is provided by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand , or the QVNZ. You can order these reports from MyValocity, and here are a few that you might want to consider getting.

MyValocity QV Reports

There are several reports that you can get, the to that will be the most important for anyone selling a house will be the iVal and the Comparable Properties Sold Report. The iVal is one that will give you an estimated valuation of what a home should sell for, and the other report will give you more detailed information on the number of rooms, and other information, on each of the homes that are being compared. This will give you the most detailed assessment of what homes have sold that are identical to yours, and based upon the prices that they were able to get when they sold, you can modify your price accordingly. It’s a simple numbers game, but it is not possible to choose the right price point without these reports that give this information. There are other sites similar to MyValocity, such as homes.co.nz, qv.co.nz and more.

When Can You Expect Your Report To Be Done?

There are actually only a few things that need to be done in order to gather this information. Those that work for this company are highly skilled at gathering and processing this data. It may only take a few days to get this to you, and they are extremely affordable reports as well. It is vital information for anyone that once to sell a house, whether they are moving out of town, or they are trying to sell their nest egg for their retirement. The more information that you have, the better off you will be when it comes to selling a home in New Zealand.

It is a high-end service that is going to make property sales data as easy as a few clicks, and that is how it should be. You will know this is the solution you’ve been craving.

This overview of QV ratings and MyValocity should help you understand why working with this company is going to be a very positive move. This information is going to help you sell your house faster, and it’s also valuable even if you are purchasing a home to make sure that you are not overpaying for that house. Contact this business today and discover why they are a highly recommended business for people selling homes, or even buying them, throughout New Zealand.