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If you are looking for signage Wellington make sure that you engage with a company that has a track history of success – and can service all your signage needs, as well as advise you on branding and promotion. That will make signage an important – and effective part of your marketing strategy.

Even in the age of the internet (which is the go-to marketing and advertising channel for many businesses), there is still a place in the marketing and promotions mix for some evergreen, high visibility options that have stood the test of time. No matter how much time people spend on mobile devices they do, at some point need to step away from (or put down) their screens and interact with the bricks and mortar world. For this reason, signage is still one of the most effective ways of reaching consumers with a carefully considered key message or simply the information they require to take that next step to get online – or contact your organisation.

In fact, some studies have shown that great signage design can increase sales by over 30% and is also more effective than any other method of marketing in raising brand awareness and promoting brand loyalty.

For those who are looking for a cost-effective way to promote their business, signage is the perfect solution. Signage Wellington style reaches people when they are in their car, or when they go about their daily chores. It reaches pedestrians and it can be positioned in such a way as to reach certain clearly defined consumer demographics. Think of signage on a highway overpass. It reaches professionals on their way to work each morning and mothers (or caregivers of any type) when they are fetching the kids from school. Think of positioning signage for a dry cleaner outside an all you can eat seafood buffet (or an ad for diet pills for that matter). Think about signage along a jogging path for sports drinks or running shoes. Think about signage on the side if a mall facing a parallel road. That will bring in traffic. A company like Adsigns has built a great reputation for supplying that turnkey service that everyone wants from their signage company.

However, the last example of the shopping mall is a great way to understand how signage needs to work. If the intent is to sell products from bricks and mortar location the signage has to act like a flashing runway light – leading the consumer into a soft landing at the store. This means that signs on motor vehicles need to have the store address, signage about town need to highlight store location and products – and there needs to be signage on the store in the mall that is highly visible.

Along with location the design of the signage Wellington (as an example of a vibrant signage market) business needs to know that they can deal with a company that can produce the goods as far as signage design is concerned, as well as harnessing new technology in signs that enables this method of marketing to remain relevant in an ever more digital world. Companies should be able to supply signage solutions for a variety of uses – products like displays and banners, vehicle and boat signage, signage for use in interior space, illuminated signs and much more should not pose a challenge. The company supplying signage Wellington style should also be able to advise clients on the signage solution that would best suit their needs.


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